Shop Stop: Mrs Luxe

Meet Mrs Luxe, the mysterious knitting queen who has finally revealed herself…. the lovely and talented Rachel Lubomirof!

Love hand made chunky knit homewares? She’s got it. Want a chunky knit beanie or scarf, check. Want a wall hanging to tie in all your knitted purchases? She’s got it covered. Watch the video below and see all your knitted dreams come true!

Check out her website here:

And follow her on Instagram here: Mrs Luxe

Home Call: Johanna Griggs

Hello friends!

This week we have a special treat… we get in step into Joh Griggs’ home and check out her favourite room! It’s more like three rooms in one, bonus to us, but for now I’ll call it her entertainer. It includes the worlds cleanest kitchen, spacious dining and cosy sitting area complete with pool views and a fire place. Joh, in case I didn’t make it clear, I’m happy to house sit. Anytime.

You just know Joh’s entertainer is going to be amazing, being the host on Better Homes and Gardens and House Rules, as well as owning a construction company with her hubby, Todd. And yep, they hit the nail on the head. The sunny and light interior compliments Joh’s personality to a t, which is what your home should do!

So, without further or ado, watch the video below below and prepare to be inspired!

Pot calling the tap black

I am in love with matte black tapware! It’s sleek, sexy, unexpected and it pops against all my favourites; encaustic tiles and carrera marble. Want.

If it suits your style, please choose black over chrome! It’s not traditional yes, but it will instantly make your kitchen/laundry/bathroom look more expensive… and the best thing is black taps don’t really cost much more than chrome (they’re in Bunnings and Ikea for goodness sake)! Don’t stop there, do your shower head too!

It’s such a simple and quick change to jazz up your wet area and make it look a million bucks… cliche yes, but also true.

Now feast your eyes on these beautiful pics and prepare to covet.

Happy styling xx













Blue and green should be seen

Blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between…. I know, that old saying rings out in my head when I see this colour palette… but these colours together are so sultry, sleek and evoke a deep sense of relaxation. I’m and green paletteI love the way these rooms mix the dark blues, teals and greens with the lighter hues coming from marble, timber and woven rugs. It paints a mood of relaxed reading on the couch, chatting over cups of french earl grey tea and watching your favourite movie on a rainy day.

Metallics, whether gold or silver, are key in making this palette glam. But if glam is not your thing, timbers and other matte colours give this palette a modest feel. Plants also compliment these rooms, especially ones with lime green foliage which gives respite from the darkness.

This palette lends itself to old world glamour and Hollywood regency styles. Be brave, and lavish your room with eclectic finds. Go and get those old paintings out and feature them! If you don’t own any, pop over to vinnies and buy some large framed paintings in similar colours and spray the frames navy, black or gold. This will tie the artworks together no matter frame they have.

The thing I love most about these rich colours is they ensure big sculptural velvet couches and arm chairs have a place, as well as the display of many beautiful things. I just want to jump into these photos and snuggle!

Enjoy xx



gb 10




gb21     gb5



Trawling Gumtree: Bar Carts

So maybe I’m still riding the depression wave of Mad Men ending for good, but I am having a serious bar cart moment right now. I think they are so sexy and another surface for pretty things! So this week I thought, why not trawl Gumtree for some amazing bar carts (cheap of course) to do up! But first here are some inspirations…. get ready, you will drool.

Bar cart 7

bar cart 8

bar cart 12

bar cart 10

bar cart 11

Now for the Gumtree finds… they may need some work but think how lovely they will look when finished and styled!

bar cart 1Option 1- $50

This guy would look fine just the way it is, the teak timber look is so Mid-Century! I would however replace the wheels for some more decorative ones, think gold or steel.

bar cart 2Option 2- $50

Paint it! Paint it now! Maybe a sophisticated black or charcoal grey. It looks like this was once an island bench with the large chopping board on top. It would be interesting to see what’s underneath. I would take the timber off the top regardless and install in a top shelf in line with the decorative corners.

bar cart 3 Option 3- $75

I LOVE THIS GUY! He is so ornate! Leave as is, or paint the stainless steel gold for a more opulent look. You could also swap out the timber laminate trays for some real timber shelves, just keep the stain dark to keep the look Mid-Century. Love it!

Bar Cart 4Option 4- $35

This one needs a little TLC, but still is in good nick. I would paint the tea towel rod gold,copper or brass just for a hint of glam. I would also freshen up the cart by sanding it back and varnishing it.

Bar cart 5Option 5- $96

Now this is a bit more old-school. I would line the shelves with black leather leaving the timber frame. I’m loving those black wheels!

bar cart 13

If you have a bit of cash to splash or you’re not into D.I.Y pop over to West Elm and buy this beautiful Parker Mid-Century Bar Cart. It’ll set you back $499 but is definitely worth it… I’ve now added this to my ever growing lust list, thanks West Elm.

This post has been part therapy and part lusting for me, very selfish indeed. But I hope you have now been inspired to join the bar cart revival and drink your alcohol in a prettier way!

Happy styling xx