Killing your Succulents with Love

 “I don’t know how I did it, but I killed a succulent. I mean seriously, who kills a succulent!”.

A common sentence I hear among my friends who are on the succulent bandwagon. And sadly, yes, I have killed some succulents too (but seriously, how on earth do you kill a succulent…). Well, hopefully this video will stop the succulent graveyard from growing.

Watch, enjoy, feel empowered, and stop drowning your succulents with water (love).

Home Call with Mel

The first home call in the history of Stylelingual is with my friend Mel Mitchell. She’s recently gotten married and has moved into this beautiful apartment in Cammeray. It’s fresh, airy and lust worthy. She was definitely lucky with getting the white washed floorboards, amazing!

She will be making commissioned weavings, so keep an eye out for her on Etsy.

Sit back, enjoy her quirky style, and smile. Smiling is good for you.


Brass coffee table, yay or nay?


Dear Jacqui,

I was both excited and relieved when I read your post featuring copper revival. I found a matching set of a coffee and side table on eBay this morning which I am intrigued by, but am not sure if we could make it work in the new apartment.


Is it too daggy? I think the glass will be ideal to make the space seem less cramped – it’s not going to be huge!

The space is painted with 1/4 dulux hog bristle walls and close to white ceiling. Carpet in a darker but similar tone to the walls.

In terms of other decisions to be made, I’m liking the idea of light and airy with wide birch venetians in the bedroom, a matching birch bed base. I think curtains in the lounge room don’t need to be super darkening, could get away with flowy white ones?

I realise there are a lot of things in this email and a lot of it is up in the air, the main question is about the viability of the tables though – they will go soon I bet! The place is basically a blank canvas, so any input you’d like to have is most welcome! I think that would excite you 😉

Many thanks,
Your loyal subscriber,


Jez this coffee table is not daggy at all, WHAT A FIND! Looking for similar coffee tables will cost your a fortune new. But, whether it will work in your new apartment will rely on a few styling factors. You are right, the glass top opens up the room where as a heavy wooden coffee table would feel clunky. I would suggest going bold with your couch, get a retro flavoured couch. I know freedom has some at the moment, or if you can try Matt Blatt. This will move your apartment style into a modernised 60’s look, which can be very fun! Think madmen, bright pops of colour, minimal clutter, strong lines and lots of curves. Add some plants, a nice rug, a floor lamp and one arm chair and your room will look fab.

Another way you could make this work, and maybe the safer option regarding the hog bristle colour, is to go down the ‘luxe look’ path. This look is high end. When picking your decorative accents, go for neutrals and pastels. Think, large plush couch, with soft cushions and throws adorning. A neatly stacked pile of books on the coffee table and a gold sculptural piece on top for some interest, with a vase of peonies next to them. A light beige to white cowhide on the floor would warm up the room. This definitely is the cosier option! This way it would tie in with the birch in the bedroom which is oh-so-hot-right-now! And definitely get soft white flowing curtains, not only will they look lush but will soften the harsh sunlight, but not completely block it out.

The way I see it, this coffee table is an absolute steal. I say buy it, work around it as a statement piece and when you get over it, a) give it to me and b) it’s not a big loss as it was only $150. Happy shopping!


Dear September Interview

You can’t get a sweeter set of twins in my opinion. Meet Lauren and Sienna from Dear September. They are bringing joy into Waverley with fun classes, amazing products and friendly smiles. Enjoy the interview!

Visit their online store at:

Visit their store at: 23 Albion Street, Waverly, NSW 2024




The Stylelingual Palette

If Stylelingual was a room this would be its colour palette.

Palette 1

I am in love with the navy, mint green and pink combination. I even have tattoos in these colours on my wrist. Yes, FOR LYFE.

I’m also loving the whole copper revival at the moment. Thank goodness it’s not the hammered copper from the eighties. It’s been modernised through strong lines and is a sexier polished version of its predecessor.

I’ve chosen a walnut timber to go with the palate because I am getting over the blonde timber look. But only just a bit. It still has its place right now. I just like to be different.

If I were to use this in a room I’d have the walls white, and accessorise in the navy, green and pink. I have been bold enough to purchase a retro repro couch in the mint green a few weeks ago. The navy velvet cushions are just the cherry on top. I have nest tables from freedom in the walnut, as well as a copper side table. So I guess I am the ultimate brand ambassador, bringing the blog colours into my own home. But hey, they make me happy so why not!

Check out these beauties below!

Happy styling xx