Doing the legwork for you: best homewares shops to visit in New York

It’s all about New York on my blog this week! I am writing this as I hear the rain fall, wrapped in my doona as I dream of the sunny days I was walking around the streets of New York only two weeks ago. Sigh. I have carefully selected, in no particular order (except for the first one the list… you’ll see why) ten must see homewares shops in New York. They range from being inspiring, to having good price points, to being quirky and for having amazing visual merchandising. Lets get started!

1. Johnathan Adler (53 Greene St, nr. Broome St, SoHo)
This is my favourite shop in all of New York. If I had to pick one shop to get homewares from for the rest of my life, I’d pick here. It is full of class, colour, and quirkiness. I love the furniture, I love the small knick knacks, the art work and even the vine ripened tomato candles (yes, I brought one back with me). The shop is full on, there is so much to look at. You need at least half an hour to walk around and lay eyes on everything. It is beautifully set up, with items ranging from affordable to¬†expensive. You can definitely walk away with a few items from here. LOVE IT.










2. Crate and Barrel (611 Broadway, SoHo)
This is a cute store that is similar to West Elm. It has furniture to kitchenwares to bedding. I thought the cushions were cute here, a good way to see what will be coming for us next season…. lots of colour, but also the softer palettes are still hanging around, woven outdoor furniture and houndstooth.








3. The Evolution Store (120 Spring St, SoHo)
My friend Sam, who I was travelling with, was very excited to see this store. In fact, he dragged me along to it. I expected little of a store that had lots of dead animals. But to my surprise it was one of the most interesting stores I have ever stepped into. You must go and see it for yourself. Yes, lots of dead animals, but lots of other natural wonders too. It’s like walking into a crazy scientist lab. And yes, to work there they have a test on who can show the least amount of emotion. But that adds to the experience. I bought porcupine quills and an antler here, very reasonably priced.






4. Calypso St Barth Home (407 Broome Street, SoHo)
This is such a gorgeous shop. It has such a distinct style and has carefully curated pieces. I love the soft, natural palette of the whole shop, especially the pinks! Its just so warm and inivting.










5. John Derian (6 East Second Street between 2nd Avenue and the Bowery, NoHo)
This shop is far to cute. I could have spent hours in here. There are lots of small items you can pick up here for your little collections. I’m talking plates, keys, dolls, spoons, crates, skipping ropes, cleaning utensils, ceramics, paperweights you name it! Even ceramic dishes, containers and soft toys in the shape of meat! I picked up a few goodies here, it’s almost impossible not to.














6. The Future Perfect (55 Great Jones Street, NoHo)
Now this is an inspirational store. It is quite expensive but its cool to see the amazing designs. To see how the others live, the rich New York others. Oh, a girl can dream!






7. Anthropologie (85 5th Ave, Flat Iron District)
Well this store is an all-rounder, clothes and homewares. I bought a lot of both. It is definitely unique, ok on the wallet, and full of colour. I love its colourful pottery, it’s a real distinct style. And no two stores are the same. The way they display their items and their installations are like works of art, so beautiful to look at! And also great music to dance to as you try on all the clothes, ALL OF THEM!









8. ABC Carpet and Home (888 Broadway, Flatiron District)
So this is an unusual place to visit. Lots of little stores within the one impressive building. I found it very interesting to walk from store to store, a great range of peices. Full of beautiful things.








9. Fishs Eddie (889 Broadway, Flatiron District)
And for your convince, Fishs Eddie, a dinning and kitchenware store, is right next door to ABC! I got lured in by the stacks and stacks of plates. This was my last place to visit for the day, and it really perked me up after all that walking. There was again, so much to look at! Everywhere I turned there was something stacked to the ceiling, something bright coloured, something I wanted to cook with. So many endless possibilities! I totally got lost in this store, the cooks dream! No, the dinner party hosts dream!







10. Urban Outfitters (521 5th Ave, Midtown)
Urban outfitters is like a cool cousin of General Pants Co. I love the clothes, shoes and of course, homewares! So much macrame, wood, gemstones, tribal patterns, anything cool really. And they ship small items to Australia… I know from experience, plenty of it.







So there you have it, my favourite stores to visit. Can be done in under a day with your walking shoes on, with the exception of one taxi ride. And I’m sure there are plenty more to discover as well. Let me know of any there stores that you think are amazing!

LA Cool

So I have been listening to Lana Del Ray’s new album, and watching all the amazing nostalgic LA cool music videos, and I have fallen in love with the kitsch LA 1960’s vibe all over again.

LA Cool

I love the contrast of black and white together. I have chosen a warm white as it adds to the sunny disposition of the room. Emerald green is still showing up in the interiors of the moment, after being Pantone’s colour of the year for 2013, and I think it brings that pop of colour to this palette. And yes metallics will feature heavily in my palettes for a while, I LOVE them! This Gold adds the glamour to the black, white and green palette. It adds sophistication and breaks up the block colours. And of course it would not be LA cool without palm tree wallpaper. It echoes the hot weather of LA, making any interior sunny.

la cool picpw1

It’s a rich and bold palette but it makes a statement and creates atmosphere. I would have white walls, one feature wall with the palm tree wallpaper. I would add gold accessories, like a floor lamp or trinkets. I would have ¬†white washed floorboards and a geometric patterned black and white floor rug accompanied by some emerald green furniture. And you can’t go past a white rattan peacock chair to complete the look.

Go on, dream about those waves crashing onto the beach, the stinging hot air, the cocktails and the dancing. I’ll have one of these rooms now please.

Home Call with Phoebe

Step inside Phoebe’s amazing retro inspired apartment that is bursting with colour! And just wait until you see that dining table! Phoebe, I’m going to steal it one night… when you least expect it… you may need to help me though, so maybe we should pencil in a said stealing time?

Designer handbags > Designer homewares

Orla Kiely has some AMAZING clothes and handbags, but all with a designer price tag. I love her loud yet simplistic colourful designs. It’s easy to save up over time to purchase an item, and be proud of it, you just have to be patient (what’s that?). Well in case you didn’t know, she now sells homewares and they are oh-so-affordable at Domayne. They are bright, colourful and full of patterns, perfect for brightening up any home. I just love the tumblers and canisters! And for around $50 you can get some decent designer home wares to impress all your rich friends. Yes, all of them.


Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.51.51 pm

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.51.15 pm


Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.47.27 pmGP590929

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.59.43 pm

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.50.01 pm

Shop Stop: The Hunted

I live in the North Sydney area and often pop over to About Life in Cammeray (a heathy whole foods cafe) to make me feel better about never exercising. One day I walked through Stocklands and there I found The Hunted. I would say the coolest shop in Sydney, on my door step. There is such an amazing range of products, you’ll find everything here! And with 90% Australian designed, that makes the purchases you make all the worth while. And (yes another and) their handbags are to die for! I have a few myself! Pop in and say hi to the lovely ladies who work there, and yes you will have to visit a few times to soak it all in!

Shop 4, Stockland Cammeray

450 Miller Street

Cammeray NSW 2062

0447 513 697