showcase_MadMen7_Mad Men_Staircase_Group_0488_V3It’s time to say farewell to my favourite Mid-century friends. It’s been a fun seven seasons hasn’t it? I truly feel like a better person after watching their messed up lives in their perfect interiors. Mad Men made Mid-century cool again, that’s for sure. Tailored suits to Eames chairs. Crazy perfect hair to bar carts. Oh my, I may have to start watching from the beginning…

Mad Men, thanks for showing us how to decorate our homes and offices. It’s been a pleasure learning to use wood panelling, crazy digital prints, chic furniture, sexy sculptural lighting, abstract art and plants indoors all over again. You have done well. But most of all I will miss the profound message of normality you bring each episode. The small moments in life we tend to ignore, yet impact us so greatly. Don, thanks for being you, so much attractiveness and repulsiveness in one man. You have forever changed the way I will say ‘what’. Rodger, your one liners will be sorely missed. Pete…. I will forever refer to you as slippery Pete, you know why. And Peggy, Joan, Megan and Betty, WHAT CAN I SAY I LOVE YOU ALL.

I wrote an article for Houzz on the 7 design lessons we learnt from Mad Men… click through the slide show below and prepare to tear up as we say goodbye to those interiors! To read the full article click here.