Into the navy blue

Navy blue is one of my most favourite colours (after mint green and pastel pink of course). Using navy can add depth and sophistication to a room, it’s such an adult colour. The question I can hear you asking is, “How on earth do I work navy into a room so it’s not boring?” Well I have a few tips for you below!

1.Don’t be afraid to be dramatic

navy couch

navy wall

Navy curtains

Don’t be afraid to be full on with using dark colours. It creates a moody and dark room, yes, but it feels like it’s about to swallow you up into a safe cocooning space. Navy blue gives off a sultry and rich feel in a dark room and pairs well with charcoal grey and chocolate leather. If you’re going for a dark OTT room, why not play with textures using thick luscious curtains or a sexy velvet couch. However, a dramtically dark room needs some balance so add lightness through accessories like a lighter floor rug, metallic lamp or tan leather couch.

2. Funk it up with bright colours

navy tiles pink rug

pink and navy

navy chair gold stool

navy emily loungeroom

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 6.52.07 pm

Funking up the navy blue with bright turquoises, pinks and mustards is a colour combo that makes my heart sing! It turns the navy from be sophisticated and moody like our last look to quirky and playful. If you want more inspiration google image search Emily Henderson, (MY HERO, I LOVE YOU, CAN WE BE BEST FRIENDS?) as she is the queen of using navy blue in eclectic spaces. While you’re at it google Jonathan Adler… cue drool. If you want to be daring use emerald green, it would make my grandma quite uneasy as she always said “Blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between” …well, in my opinion rules are meant to be broken… Sorry Grandma.

3.Gold + navy = mid-century sexy

Navy sofa

navy and mustrad bedroom

blue and gold

It’s not moody like look one nor playful like look two. The marriage between gold and navy looks like something out of Madmen- classy, glamorous and elegant. Although this marriage lasts longer than any in the show… it’s a combo that will never age. Do it, buy that big mid century couch/armchair/bedhead, I dare you. The best way to bring the gold in is with lighting fixtures, side tables, chair legs and other small decorative objects.

4. Use it sparingly as a pop colour with white

light navy

navu pouffe

navy and white bedroom

Now this doesn’t mean go nautical which white and navy so often do. Add small splashes of colour and don’t go to heavy on the stripes. The rooms above work well because of the mostly white styling and feature pops of navy. This look ensues a light and airy feel in which its elegance comes from the depth of the navy.

Please don’t be scared of navy. It’s your friend, and looks good in so many different rooms. If you have any other colour questions please send them through to

Happy styling friends!