Trawling Gumtree: Just Chalk it

So right now I am obsessed with Chalk paint. Remember the whole “put a bird on it” stage? Well the new one is “just chalk it”. Like, literally paint everything you can in your house with this matte, milky-smooth, heaven sent paint. Let’s be honest with our selves, would we use anything other than Annie Sloan? (If you haven’t heard of her product: google please.) Such beautiful colours, great wax finishes. Easy to use to get amazing results. Seriously though, Just chalk it.

Let the Gumtree finds begin!

6 Mixed Matched Wooden Chairs

So its $180 for 6 mix matched wooden chairs. WHAT A STEAL! I mean, they have done all the hard work for you…. get shopping!

There are two options you can go forward with… either paint them in a soft pastel colour palette to keep the whole mix matched theme continuing OR paint them all the same colour, which still looks cool and uniform at the same time as they are all different shapes. It really depends how much colour you already have going on in your room. If it’s already cray, I’d pick all the same colour option. But, if your room is neutral, the colour palette option is SO STUNNING.

6 chairs

pastel chairs

green chairs

mint chairs

Four Pine Bar Stools

$30 for 4, or $10 each. Bargain!

Paint these babies up with a lovely soft hue, like this pale grey blue. Keep the paint solid for a modern look or sand back a little for a rustic/country vibe.

Pine Stool


Timber Side Table

Ok people, this wins cheapest buy for this post. Only $5. Yep. You can’t even get a small cheeseburger meal from Mc Donalds for that. But you can get a side table.

So it’s a bit beaten up… but its $5. There’s only one thing to do… PAINT PAINT PAINT PAINT! Paint it black and sand back only the edges. It will make it look super cute for a super cute table.

side table

black table

Buffet Hutch 

Going for $100…. again, Gumtree you deliver the bargains!

This should be painted two toned. You simply must! If you’re feeling crafty take the doors off to make sexy open shelving.


buffet 2

buffet 1

6 Bentwood Chairs (3 Broken)

$300… this is a love project. Save it for a rainy day, or get someone else to fix them up. Worth it.

So 7/8 painted bentwoods chairs make my heart sing. Like, in that loud voice you use in the shower when you’re on a roll. Can someone please do this and send me pics? It will make me weep (with tears of joy).




Single Wood Bedhead

Negotiable… so really cheap right?

This beadhead would look super cute painted in pastel pink for a girls room…. just chalk it!

bed head

bed head 2


So pretty much anything wooden you can get your hands on, chalk it. You won’t won’t regret it, trust me.