Meet Adam, the new D.I.Y host for Better Homes and Gardens


Adam won the hearts of the Australian public with his can do attitude and crazy contageous laugh on House Rules last year. Oh yeah, he and his fiancé Lisa totally won… meaning not only did they get their house fully renovated, but also got their mortgage paid off entirely!

Well the winning streak hasn’t ended there for Adam, who is now the new D.I.Y host on long running popular lifestyle program Better Homes and Gardens. Being a qualified carpenter operating a successful construction business, he has many tips and tricks to teach us around the house! He’s also being joined by Demi Harman, once a Home and Away babe who will be taking over craft and making it cool all over again.

I had a chance to to talk to Adam this week about his past whirlwind year, and adventures to come.

Hi Adam, thanks for being with us today!
No worries, thanks for having me!

What was your best and worst moments from house rules? (Obviously besides winning…)
The best would have to be walking into our house for the first time after it was renovated. Just to see the change and how much work went into it in just 7 days was amazing! Also when Lisa and I got the 3 perfect 10’s in Townsville. That was a really good feeling and I was so proud of Lisa for not giving up and seeing how quickly she learnt about design. The worst would have to be the both times we camped. First in Perth then in Townsville. The heat in both states was a killer and the insects in Townsville were the worst.  We got eaten alive. Not cool….

What was your favourite space that you and Lisa renovated?
Favourite space… there were a few but I think the kitchen in Townsville was good. We were very happy with how that came together after working through all the problems that we came across. Obstacles like the cyclone ties being where we wanted to put the widows. So there was a lot of planning issues, like moving cabinets to make sure we could get the oven in the center of the two windows. Also the design of the island bench. I would love that in my place!

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Have you kept in contact with any of the contestants?
Yeah I talk to Ryan and Lloyd. They’re good blokes.

What are you most excited about joining Better Homes and Gardens?
Being part of the team is amazing! And getting to work along side the other presenters will be great.

You must be excited to work with Joh again!
Absolutely pumped to work with Joh again, she is awesome. You know you’re going to have a laugh if Joh is around!

What can we expect to see you doing on the show this year?
D.I.Y projects like all those jobs around the house inside and out that people keep putting off. Hopefully I can show them it’s not that hard and give them the confidence to go do the job. Also hopefully give the people renovating some inspiration and ideas for there own projects.

Now you’ve relocated to Sydney, are you going to pick up the tools and to renovate again?
Lisa and I are hoping to find a house in Sydney that needs some TLC. We would love to renovate together again. We were going to do it in Melbourne but plans change!

What interior style do you gravitate towards?
I like the feel of modern open plan living but also love the rustic feel of industrial interiors.

What interior trends are you excited about this year?
Oh there is always something new coming out when it comes to interior design. Whether it be the new range of ceaser stone or just new fixtures and fittings that get used around the house. It’s always exciting to see.

Well I’m very excited to work with you this year, thanks for your time!
Thanks! I’m pumped for the year ahead and very excited to work with everyone involved in making BHG.

To catch Adam in person he’ll be at  West Gosford Bunnings on the 14th and 15th of February, come and get a Valentine’s Day kiss on the cheek!