I’ve got the blues… in a good way

My palette this week centres around the colour blue. Its such a universally accepted colour. Everyone likes blue. It’s the sky, the ocean and blueberry flavoured lollies… my favourite. It’s calming, natural and can be both masculine and feminine at the same time.

The Blues

I have chosen a nice mid blue to centre my palette. Its strong, but not dark. Its uplifting, but calming. I would use it sparing around the room, in special pieces. I have chosen a grey-white for the walls to accompany this blue, it’s a warm white that will brighten up the room and bring warmth. Next is the the other it neutral colour of the moment, charcoal. I have chosen a mid grey, that also has warm tones. It will work back with the blue. Use this as a base colour for sheets, couches, carpet, cushions and throws. I have thrown in acid yellow as an unexpected pop. Blue and acid yellow work so well together. It’s the modern version of the golden yellow and blue interiors we saw from the 90’s. It will uplift the room and give it life, but use it sparing! Only one or two accessories please. To bring this look together, I would use blonde timber. Again it is warm, it brings in a natural element and works so well with blue.

The reason I keep banging on about warmth is because grey, blue and white can be quite clinical if chosen poorly. You will be left with a room that is cold and uninviting. Remember to play with textures as well. Have fun with this! Bring in a chunky knit throw and different fabrics through furniture and cushions. It will make the room much more interesting!

Shannon and Simon hit the nail on the head with this look in their main bedroom on The Block. You can see the mix of textures making the room interesting. Sheer curtains, a knit throw, plush carpet, timber accents, fabric furniture, copper pendant lights, and of course a bit of greenery. And all of the colours that were chosen are warm. This room certainly doesn’t feel cold to me… I would be happy to move in asap.¬†Onya boys.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 2.44.49 pm