Concrete Jungle

This is something that has been trending for a while, but I feel like appreciating it this week. Concrete in homes. Sounds harsh, sounds soulless, but it couldn’t be sexier. I love concrete walls and polished concrete floors, something I saw a lot of when in Japan. And yes, my phone is filled with many photos of minimalist concrete buildings from Harajuku.

concrete 1

concrete 2

concrete 3

concrete 4

concrete 6

concrete 7

concrete 8

Concrete definitely suits the style of industrial-chic or scandi. Use of black and white in the room are a must! Some may feel concrete is cold and uninviting but you can warm it up with natural timbers, rugs and animal skins. I think it actually softens a room with its light grey hues. Now of course to render a wall or lay a new floor is expensive… a girl can dream… why not decorate your home with concrete accessories? They add a cool modern edge to your styling. And I’ve taken the liberty below to show you some of my favourite pieces out there at the moment!

ConcreteHappy styling xx