Affordable Art

An artwork brings substance to a room. It adds colour, interest and injects a bit of your own personality into the space. I find it’s easier to choose your artwork earlier on when styling a room; it determines the style and you can pick out pop colours from the artwork.

I always thought owning decent, interesting and large scale artwork was something I would have to save up for years… oh how I was wrong! Below are some cool websites with great art pieces that are interesting, big, colourful and cool. I would suggest just buying the print as most of the stores are based overseas, just pop into Ikea and get a frame… you’ll be saving all those $$$$$$ in no time.

Each website has many, many, many options… I just picked out some of my faves below!

Happy styling xx

Artfully Walls

  artfully walls 3           artfully walls 1                 artfully walls 4


Little Paper Planes

paper planes 3,                 paper planes 2              papper planes 1


Buddy Editions

Buddy editions 3          buddy editions 2        buddy editions 1



sugar lift 3                sugar lift 4          sugarlift 2



inaluxe 3                   inaluxe 2                   inaluxe 1



etsy 3              etsy 1            etsy 2


Society 6

society 6 4             society 6 2         society 6 3



20x200 1  20x200 2  20x200 3


The Calm Gallery

calm gallery 2           calm gallery 1       calm gallery 3