Monochromatic Madness

This weeks palette is brought to you by the hottest look right now (or the coolest). Monochromatic: whites, greys, blacks and natural textures. This is a look that evokes relaxation and even though the palette seems stark and lifeless it’s the natural textures that bring it to life. If you are scared of colour, this is for you!

Palette Monochrome

We want to keep this room light and airy so don’t be heavy handed with the black. I would use the blacks through accessorising, like a bedside lamp, or through the artwork. The greys would also come through the soft furnishings, think soft Mongolian wool cushions mixed with linen cushions and a chunky knit throw. As there is no colour to warm the room its best to keep the white warm and creamy ┬áto make the space feel cosy. And then go mental on natural homewares, they will make your space unique and interesting. Add life to the room using plants, get some cute succulents or bring in a fiddle leaf fig tree.



This colour palette is cool, airy and fresh in summer while still being cosy and warm in winter. And it’s easy to add a soft muted colour or two if your heart desires!