Home Call

Check out the homes for some style inspiration

Home Call: Alana

Meet Alana, and her amazing apartment. It’s a wonderful fusion of retro and modern. I love her sweet pre-loved pieces that have been adopted into her furniture family. And her use of colour, crazy, but it works so well. Enjoy!

Home Call: Brooklyn

Yes, that’s right. Stylelingual’s first ¬†international home call! Ever wanted to see what a real Brooklyn apartment looks like? Well you’re in luck! Meet Tara, a gorgeous wife and mother of a human and a fur child, who has lived in New York for twelve years. I just love her “urban-natural” style. Watch the video and prepare for a sensory overload of the visual kind, and to find a crazy amount of inspiration for your own nest.

Home Call with Phoebe

Step inside Phoebe’s amazing retro inspired apartment that is bursting with colour! And just wait until you see that dining table! Phoebe, I’m going to steal it one night… when you least expect it… you may need to help me though, so maybe we should pencil in a said stealing time?

Home Call with Rachel

Welcome to Rachel’s sweet abode. Warm, cozy, loved and colourful. Watch to see her tips in styling up her country charm inspired apartment. I can smell those scones cooking now!