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Home Call: Paul

Welcome to Paul’s small but packed with so much goodness, home. He’s a photographer, an artist, a sculptor and oh yeah, he also makes furniture. A well rounded creative and a good guy. I think it’s really fun stepping into an artist home. There are so many little quirks I love. I love the monotoned colour palette which sometimes lashes out with vibrant pops of colour. I love the 80’s feel. I love the pre-owned furniture given a second life. I love how much he really has packed into a small space, a visual feast for the eyes, yet there is still space to move. I love crazy Whitney (0:40).

Check out his work at paulwells.com.au, you won’t be disappointed.

What’s old is new

Happy New Year friends!

There is no better way to start the year than to revisit my favourite house walk around from last year. As you all know I am a sucker for New York and I was lucky enough to be shown around a Brooklyn apartment…. yes I did wet my pants a little. As I’ve said before, Tara you have amazing style and are a great inspiration for decorating our own places. Seriously.

And while I’m at it I’ll slip in my favourite 60 sec style tip… harness the power of rugs people!

Don’t fret friends, there will be new content up next week… I mean, who could resist the Aussie summer? Not I, sir.

Home Call: Clare

Happy Friday everyone! Meet Clare and step into her cute and very stylish home. You can tell this home is well loved, and that there’s a lot lot loving in it! Chatting to Clare before this interview she stressed how thankful she was for her small house and how it brought her family together even in the toughest of times. She’s all for the small spaces guys! And just look at how beautifully she has decorated it! I love her Scandi come rustic, relaxed style. And her white washed floor boards… to die for. Check out her amazing tips in the video above. Have a great weekend, enjoy.

Home Call: Fast Ed

It’s a celebrity kind of day. Fast Ed is the resident chef from Better Homes and Gardens. His favourite room is the kitchen… surprise surprise. He spends the most amount of time in this room than any other filming, testing recipes, hanging with the fam and cooking to relax. Yes, I’d love to move in and eat all of your food, Ed. Enjoy the video, (I know you will) he has lots of tips on how to improve your kitchen to get the most out it… and that leads to better food, which leads to a happier life. Kitchen philosophy at its finest.

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Home Call: Jason

Meet Jason. Yes, the first male Home Call on the blog! Light the fireworks.

We became friends in the hallways of the Pacific Magazines office. Ever since he has been asking me advice on every purchase he makes for his home. I love that I finally got to go to his apartment and see my advice in practice. Such a cool space! Well done my hallway friend.