Sixty Second Style

A quick style tip for you.

What’s old is new

Happy New Year friends!

There is no better way to start the year than to revisit my favourite house walk around from last year. As you all know I am a sucker for New York and I was lucky enough to be shown around a Brooklyn apartment…. yes I did wet my pants a little. As I’ve said before, Tara you have amazing style and are a great inspiration for decorating our own places. Seriously.

And while I’m at it I’ll slip in my favourite 60 sec style tip… harness the power of rugs people!

Don’t fret friends, there will be new content up next week… I mean, who could resist the Aussie summer? Not I, sir.

The Secrets of Setting a Christmas Table

Ok so this video was meant to be a sixty second style tip, but I had too much goodness to share, so now it’s a ninety second style tip. Lap it up people.

Love those table settings in magazines? Do you wonder to yourself, how on earth can I do that at home? I’ll let you in on my secrets on how to set a sexy Christmas table setting in no time… well, in ninety seconds… enjoy!

Oh and if you liked the centre piece, (well duh of course you do) my friend Lee will show you how to make it on thursday! Put it in your diary, lovers.

Define it. Love it.

Do you have an open plan living and dining room? Do you find it’s very open, like too open? Here is a sneaky little tip on how to define your areas to make them purposeful, and how to bring in warmth that may be lost in a big space.


Killing your Succulents with Love

 “I don’t know how I did it, but I killed a succulent. I mean seriously, who kills a succulent!”.

A common sentence I hear among my friends who are on the succulent bandwagon. And sadly, yes, I have killed some succulents too (but seriously, how on earth do you kill a succulent…). Well, hopefully this video will stop the succulent graveyard from growing.

Watch, enjoy, feel empowered, and stop drowning your succulents with water (love).