Colours that inspire me, to inspire you

LA Cool

So I have been listening to Lana Del Ray’s new album, and watching all the amazing nostalgic LA cool music videos, and I have fallen in love with the kitsch LA 1960’s vibe all over again.

LA Cool

I love the contrast of black and white together. I have chosen a warm white as it adds to the sunny disposition of the room. Emerald green is still showing up in the interiors of the moment, after being Pantone’s colour of the year for 2013, and I think it brings that pop of colour to this palette. And yes metallics will feature heavily in my palettes for a while, I LOVE them! This Gold adds the glamour to the black, white and green palette. It adds sophistication and breaks up the block colours. And of course it would not be LA cool without palm tree wallpaper. It echoes the hot weather of LA, making any interior sunny.

la cool picpw1

It’s a rich and bold palette but it makes a statement and creates atmosphere. I would have white walls, one feature wall with the palm tree wallpaper. I would add gold accessories, like a floor lamp or trinkets. I would have ¬†white washed floorboards and a geometric patterned black and white floor rug accompanied by some emerald green furniture. And you can’t go past a white rattan peacock chair to complete the look.

Go on, dream about those waves crashing onto the beach, the stinging hot air, the cocktails and the dancing. I’ll have one of these rooms now please.

Brooklyn Fever

I have recently visited Brooklyn for the first time, like this week, and FELL IN LOVE. Its where you’ll find the good coffee in New York, cute shops and all the hipsters. I mean Williamsburg was the birth place of the hipster right? But don’t tell them we refer to them as hipsters as they will deny until the rooster crows three times. This weeks colour palette is brought to you from an airy Brooklyn loft.

Brooklyn Loft

We have a nice creamy white. It opens up the space and makes it feel light. Its paired back with charcoal greys, another soft but deep colour. It wouldn’t be a factory turned loft space without the ever cool exposed brick and recycled timber. And yes my metallic choice this week is bronze. A more aged and rustic friend of gold.

brooklyn loftbl1 bl2 bl3 bl4

If I were using this palette I would paint my walls creamy white, but would have the artwork in the soft charcoals range, preferably old commercial signing. I would also have soft furnishings using the charcoal. I would then have a lot of timber. This gives a natural look to the space, especially if recycled. I would clad walls, have timber floors, timber bench tops and furniture. All in similar hues so it looks neat and cohesive. I would leave the exposed brick wall if I was lucky to start with one or I would have it veneered in. It adds much needed texture to the room and gives it an edge. Then I’d dress the room with carefully picked antiques. Pop over to vinnies and get some cheap frames and spray them bronze. Get some cute old tennis rackets, hang a collection on the wall. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with this one. The more bitsy it is the better, just remember to work with a similar theme and a ¬†colour palette and it should all tie together (I can feel an Ask Jacqui question brewing…).

Right, I’m off to grab my almond milk latte and listen to the National.

The Stylelingual Palette

If Stylelingual was a room this would be its colour palette.

Palette 1

I am in love with the navy, mint green and pink combination. I even have tattoos in these colours on my wrist. Yes, FOR LYFE.

I’m also loving the whole copper revival at the moment. Thank goodness it’s not the hammered copper from the eighties. It’s been modernised through strong lines and is a sexier polished version of its predecessor.

I’ve chosen a walnut timber to go with the palate because I am getting over the blonde timber look. But only just a bit. It still has its place right now. I just like to be different.

If I were to use this in a room I’d have the walls white, and accessorise in the navy, green and pink. I have been bold enough to purchase a retro repro couch in the mint green a few weeks ago. The navy velvet cushions are just the cherry on top. I have nest tables from freedom in the walnut, as well as a copper side table. So I guess I am the ultimate brand ambassador, bringing the blog colours into my own home. But hey, they make me happy so why not!

Check out these beauties below!

Happy styling xx