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Tuckey teams with Cotton On

Mark Tuckey is an iconic Australian homewares and furniture label. Yes, it is a store where you’ll spend a lot of dollars when you are truly an adult…. but my-oh-my is it worth it!

Well lucky for us pretend adults there is good news! We can all have a bit of Mark Tuckey in our homes as soon as July and not spend the money we are attempting to save for a property deposit.

Mark Tuckey is partnering up with Cotton On, yes, you heard me, Cotton On to deliver Australia some affordable and chic homewares. Cotton On sure is taking over the world and what better designer could you choose to launch the new homewares range? The answer is no-one.

Cotton On’s General Manager, Felicity McGhan is excited to introduce the partnership saying “We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with one of the country’s iconic designer brands to create accessories for your home that reflect our honest, relaxed, quintessentially Australian style.” She’s right there.

Mark Tuckey and partner Louella are equally excited by the partnership saying, “We’re excited about the opportunity to design a fun, relaxed and accessible collection with Cotton On that will allow us to introduce the MARK TUCKEY brand to customers and homes throughout Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa.”

It’s available online from the 3rd of July and in select Cotton On stores from the 8th (let the long wait begin…). Now for the fun part, check out the range below that includes bedding to ceramics, cushions to bean bags and much more!

I’m IN LOVE with the colour palette and mix of natural linens, wools, cottons and timbers. Don’t be un-Australian, buy some Tuckey for you home while you can!

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Styling for sale…. the result!

It’s been a week in blogland and in real life for Dave and Simon doing up their apartment for sale. The change is crazy, you must watch the video to see!

This video is full of tips to get your home ready for sale, so I have written a list below that you can mull over and over and over…. Now keep in mind this is the budget list, I’m sure there are many more things you can do to improve you home with lots of money!

1. Take out most personal effects and de-clutter.

2. Paint your walls out a neutral warm white or similar, we used Whitsunday Island by Dulux in the boys apartment.

3. Shampoo your carpets- D.I.Y!

4. Source cheap and modern furniture from Gumtree, Ebay or Ikea to give a cohesive and non-offensive look. This ends up being cheaper than hiring furniture from a property styling company. At the end you can either keep your new purchases or re-sell them to make your money back.

5. Make sure each room is purposefully furnished for what it is e.g. define a dining room for its main purpose, to dine in! In Dave and Simon’s house we moved the desk and bookshelf out of the dining room, got a bigger table and centered it to the room. Now it’s clearly a dining area and it feels more spacious! Always take the less is more approach, it creates the feeling of a big room!

6. When choosing soft furnishings, choose a few neutral colours and stick to that palette throughout the house, varying slightly between each room. It’s good to not go overly masculine or feminine but find a common ground in between. Head to Kmart or Ikea to get some cheap coloured cushions for your beds and couches, as well as a rug or two. Also when making your beds, nothing says “clean bed” as a fresh white quilt cover… you can pick this up for around $30. And while you’re at it, get some fresh white towels for your bathroom too!

7. Finishing touches…. yep you guessed it, flowers and plants. They smell nice, add pops of colour and add life to your apartment. And they just look really good!

And for a cliche happy ending… the boys sold their apartment and are very happy with the result! I mean, you’re laughing if you’re selling anything in Sydney right now…

Happy styling!

Styling for Sale

Guys, meet Dave and Simon, co-owners of an apartment in Lane Cove. Sadly, for them it’s time to part ways and sell up and they asked me for some styling tips to maximise their sale price!

Watch the video below for some great tips, and tune in next week to see the AMAZING result! Seriously, as before and afters go, these are epic.



showcase_MadMen7_Mad Men_Staircase_Group_0488_V3It’s time to say farewell to my favourite Mid-century friends. It’s been a fun seven seasons hasn’t it? I truly feel like a better person after watching their messed up lives in their perfect interiors. Mad Men made Mid-century cool again, that’s for sure. Tailored suits to Eames chairs. Crazy perfect hair to bar carts. Oh my, I may have to start watching from the beginning…

Mad Men, thanks for showing us how to decorate our homes and offices. It’s been a pleasure learning to use wood panelling, crazy digital prints, chic furniture, sexy sculptural lighting, abstract art and plants indoors all over again. You have done well. But most of all I will miss the profound message of normality you bring each episode. The small moments in life we tend to ignore, yet impact us so greatly. Don, thanks for being you, so much attractiveness and repulsiveness in one man. You have forever changed the way I will say ‘what’. Rodger, your one liners will be sorely missed. Pete…. I will forever refer to you as slippery Pete, you know why. And Peggy, Joan, Megan and Betty, WHAT CAN I SAY I LOVE YOU ALL.

I wrote an article for Houzz on the 7 design lessons we learnt from Mad Men… click through the slide show below and prepare to tear up as we say goodbye to those interiors! To read the full article click here.

New knobs

Do you have a tired piece of furniture that you are umming and arring over giving it away to a better home? Stop! All it may need is a coat of paint and some new knobs to jazz it up! Below are some inspirational knob ideas too get your creative juices flowing!

Here is the stone/raw crystal/gem category. Super cute with any solid colour really! They would also look good if you have a blonde timber piece from Ikea to up cycle (don’t we all?)…And please style with metallics!


quartz knob


To me, there is nothing sexier than a metallic knob especially in gold or copper. Gush. I would gravitate towards painting your furniture item a solid colour like a pastel or my favourite, white. Gold + white = heaven…




mint knob

Another option is timber knobs. You can leave them raw, like the blonde timber ones below or you can paint them up with geometric pastel patterns. And they come in cool shapes, from stream line, to round, to faceted… oh the possibilities!

timber handel

colour timber


Concrete knobs. Need I say more? And because I’m a closet Star Wars fan I had to include this stormtrooper knob!

star wars knob

concrete knobs

How cute are these leather handles? I’m in love! Again, I think they would look best on a white piece of furniture. And to keep the look current, I’d choose light tan leather over darker shades unless you are going for the old world look.

leather knob 2

leather handle

Now to finish off my knob inspiration how cute is this dinosaur knob idea? Simply spray paint the dinosaurs in whatever colour you want and voila, cute as knobs! And no, this isn’t one just for the kids… spray paint your favourite animal in a sophisticated gold like the pic below.



I hope this has inspired an update of perfectly fine but dated furniture… who knew knobs could be so fun!

Happy styling xx