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My watch list….

Yes, yes, yes! It’s the long weekend and we all know what that means… it’s time to shop! I have found some very lovely, very monochromed homewares to add to my watch list. Yes, I restrained myself from calling this my fifty shades of grey lust list... only just. Click on the name and you can buy it straight away! BOOM.

Table Tonic- Digital Print Chenille RugTable Tonic digital print cowhide, day dream

Citta Design- Soala Woven ThrowCitta Soala woven throw

Mr and Mrs White- Icelandic Sheep skin Throw in White

Mr and Mrs white icelandic sheepskin

Freedom- Franklin Table LampFreedom Franklin lamp

MCM House- Joe SofaMCM house Joe sofa with arms

The minimalist- Claudette Elliot plug in light

The minimalist Claudette eliiot plug in light

Kmart- Round Mirror (Bargain Alert)kmart round mirror

Target- Modern Folk Round Cushion (Bargain Alert)Target modern folk round cushion

West Elm- Box Frame Coffee Table

West Elm Box frame coffe table

Country Road- Sigrid Bag

Country Road Home Sigrid Bag

Design Hunter- Charcoal Chelsea Knit CushionDear spetmber charcoal chelsea knit cushion

The Hunted- Carlo Concrete Vessel

The hunted concrete vessel

Ikea- Backaryd/Oppeby Dining TableIkea backyard Oppeby dining table

Lumiere Art and Co- Black Star PrintLumiere art and co black star print

Urban Couture- White Oak Jewelry BoxIrban Couture white oak jewelry boxHappy styling xx

Home Call: Rosie and Matt

Ok, so I’m totally in love with Rosie and Matt’s renovated home! They have worked wonders resurrecting this old workers cottage into their beautiful home… but enough talking watch the video below and get ready to fall in love with its pastel palette and quaint rustic charm!

Japan Shopping Guide

Japan. I die. I can’t even.

I love Japanese design. It’s clean, consistent and the colour palette is to die for. It’s everywhere, the simple industrial style followed me, and I loved it. Let me share with you some amazing homewares shops I found… all by accident. Yes, this trip was all about having a rest for me so I didn’t track down stores to write about… this all happened organically. So yes, there are probably many more stores out there but these are ones I found walking through the humid but very well kept streets of Tokyo, Kyoto and Kanazawa. Even if you don’t have plans to visit Japan check out the photos below and drool over their very eclectic offerings.


1-4-8 Jinnan 1st FL / Shibuya-ku / Tokyo

This shop definitely has quite the industrial-eclectic appeal. It has everything from furniture to kitchenwares to artworks to little knick knacks… even shoes. It’s bursting with goodness. Such a cute find!

IMG_0755 IMG_0754 IMG_0752 IMG_0751


1-4-8 Jinnan Building 1F / Shibuya-ku / Tokyo

Now I didn’t have time to pop in here as I was frantically late to meet a friend, but man this furniture shop is cool! It’s right next to Dulton, filled with Scandi goodies. Like super cool. And the prices seemed really reasonable for the amazing furniture they had on offer. If this shop was in Australia I’d have furnished my whole house with it!

IMG_0756 IMG_0757

Five Thirty Park

1-4-10 Jinnan / Shibuya-ku / Tokyo

This shop is dubbed ‘the jewelry style shop for the modern gentleman”, but it also has many beautiful homewares, and things for girls! Now this is a splurge shop, but it sure does have some beautiful product. Definitely worth a look… also there’s a very cute organic fruit juice truck parked out the front for a refreshing beverage… just sayin’.

IMG_0772 IMG_0771 IMG_0770 IMG_0769 IMG_0768

Art Style Market

6-14-10 Jingumae / Shibuya-ku /Tokyo

There is a super cool pocket of shops neighbouring Harajuku in Shibuya. I started with Art Style Market which had so many things I wanted to buy, I died. I loved the kitchenwares, and the pendant lights were in abundance. Again it’s this real industrial-eclectic look- with a touch of rustic charm. And The Great Burger is right across the road! One of the best burgers in Tokyo, according to me, with Good Town Donuts and Coffee next door for dessert. Great little area to stop for lunch. I also adored this street for its architecture. Concrete square blocks dotted with green plants and black window frames. It couldn’t have been more industrial-chic if they tried!

IMG_0955IMG_0940 IMG_0939 IMG_0938IMG_0956IMG_0950IMG_0953IMG_0959

Détour à Bleuet

A very cute french homewares inspired store filled with gorgeous things! Again this store is absolutely busting at the seams with many rustic-country charm goodies.

6-13-3 / Jingumae / Shibuya-ku / Tokyo

IMG_0968IMG_0970 IMG_0971 IMG_0972


604 – 8042 / Nakano-cho climb / Kyoto

Now I stumbled across this furniture shop trying to find dinner on my first night in Kyoto. I saw this beautiful sheer artwork through the window and had to quickly jump in and have a look. It’s a furniture store, but the smaller homewares are affordable (and can fit in your suitcase) and so beautiful. There is a natural eco-chic feeling to this shop as it draws on natural colours and materials and there is greenery everywhere. It was so soothing to walk in there, not to mention air conditioned from the hideous humidity outside!

IMG_1046 IMG_1047 IMG_1048 IMG_1049 IMG_1050

niko and…

3-1 / Shinmachi Horikawa / Forus Mall 5F / Kanazawa

You can find this shop in most big city centers in Japan, and even Hong Kong, but I stumbled across it in Kanazawa. After a day of trekking through the city and its beautiful gardens, finding this shop rekindled my tired spirit! There are awesome clothes, amazing furniture and its jam packed full of super cool small homewares… and yes, my obsession on kitchenwares is becoming apparent through this post, but I would totally deck out my kitchen with items from here. In fact I did buy a mug, my most precious mug, and hiked with it all the way through Asia. I don’t know why, but tea just tastes better in it. This was probably my favourite store. If I ever move to Japan (please, please, please) this would be the place I would go first, from rugs to sofas to dining tables to KITCHENWARES. This would be my shop. Come to Sydney please niko and …?! Oh and there’s a great cafe and book store connected. A hispters dream.


Happy styling xx


Farewell for now lovers, but first……

Yes, I am taking a short break as I travel around Japan, China and Hong Kong. Dry your tears toots, there will be an awesome shopping guide when I get back!

But, I will leave you with this. The new homewares range from Kmart. It’s crazy good, and so cheap! I’m super impressed with their offering.

I’m loving the Scandi, bright and poppy style they’ve gone with. I’m sure it will sell out quickly so go and buy your bits ASAP! Take your eyes off the triangle bed spread… thats mine! Oh and the towels… while I’m at it, the Acapulco lounge too.

Feast your eyes on the pics below and start counting your pennies, because that’s all it will cost you…

kmart 8

kmart 1

kmart 2

kmart 3

kmart 4

kmart 5

kmart 6

Happy styling xx



Affordable Art

An artwork brings substance to a room. It adds colour, interest and injects a bit of your own personality into the space. I find it’s easier to choose your artwork earlier on when styling a room; it determines the style and you can pick out pop colours from the artwork.

I always thought owning decent, interesting and large scale artwork was something I would have to save up for years… oh how I was wrong! Below are some cool websites with great art pieces that are interesting, big, colourful and cool. I would suggest just buying the print as most of the stores are based overseas, just pop into Ikea and get a frame… you’ll be saving all those $$$$$$ in no time.

Each website has many, many, many options… I just picked out some of my faves below!

Happy styling xx

Artfully Walls

  artfully walls 3           artfully walls 1                 artfully walls 4


Little Paper Planes

paper planes 3,                 paper planes 2              papper planes 1


Buddy Editions

Buddy editions 3          buddy editions 2        buddy editions 1



sugar lift 3                sugar lift 4          sugarlift 2



inaluxe 3                   inaluxe 2                   inaluxe 1



etsy 3              etsy 1            etsy 2


Society 6

society 6 4             society 6 2         society 6 3



20x200 1  20x200 2  20x200 3


The Calm Gallery

calm gallery 2           calm gallery 1       calm gallery 3